Kleje bio

Our biodegradeable based on acetic acid (can be fully biobased) and vinyl acetate (can be compensated with extra biobased acetic acid) . With this base materials such as starch, polylactic acid (PLA), polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA), polybutylene succinate (PBS) and cellulose acetates (CA) compatible with one another. Formulations can be adjusted to the physical properties precisely according to requirements.

Improved Physical Properties

OUr additivses can improve:

  • Impact strengths
  • Melt stability
  • Flexibility

No Limitations on the Main Features

The blends are just as biobased and/or biodegradable as pure biopolymers. Due to it’s origin with biobased acetic acid and good water sollubility, it has proven to be fully compostable and biodegredable in end applications.Most of our product are allowed for food contact applications

Better processing

Our biopolymer makes injection molding, extrusion, vacuum forming, thermoforming and calendering much easier, and often our biopolymers are even outperforming standard plastic materials.